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Michael was born in Manhattan, New York but South Florida has been his home since he was a young child. He became passionate about Photography as a teenager and pursued this passion by enrolling in the Art Institute. After 3 years at the Art Institute, Michael took what he learned and improved his skills by reading books on Photography, such as Photograpy Q&A: Real Questions. Real Answers. by Zack Arias, How to Photograph Absolutely Everything by Tom Ang, and Photography Business Secretcs by Lara White; just to name a few. In addition to reading Photography related books, Michael also watched plenty of YouTube videos; he went on to create his own channel, which can be found here Michael Encarnacion.


Michael is best described as a self-taught Photographer but he does credit the Art Institute for teaching him the importance of networking, the importance of mastering your camera and photography rules, and the importance of always going out to take pictures. If you asked Michael what he enjoys about photography, he would say, “I enjoy the story that each photograph tells”. One of Michael’s favorite photographer is Annie Leibovitz; he admires her versatility and the risks she takes, all for the beauty that is Photography.



(Michael is willing to travel upon request.)